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Having problems with your vehicles air conditioning?

Does it take a long time for your car to become pleasantly cool? Suffering from sneezing, coughing or streaming eyes? Is your air conditioning system alive with fungi? Has your fuel consumption increased? Is there an unpleasant, musty smell in your car? Does your misted-up windscreen not clear quickly enough? If any of these apply to you and your vehicle, it's time to get your car air conditioning serviced.


During summer or winter months, your vehicle's air conditioning and heating system will generate condensation. This environment provides an ideal breeding ground for germs, bacteria, spores, mould and fungi.

Why do you need to check the air conditioning regularly?

In contrast to what some vehicle manufacturers say, vehicle air conditioning systems must be serviced regularly. Every year, up to 10% of the refrigerant is lost from the system naturally through hoses and connections. This means that the cooling capacity is noticeably reduced after only two years. In addition, the refrigerant that circulates through the air conditioning system serves as a carrier medium for oil as a lubricant. If there is not enough refrigerant in the system, the compressor may no longer be sufficiently lubricated.


This can lead to complete compressor failure. The necessary repairs can quickly run up a bill of hundreds of pounds. Ideally, your air conditioning system should be serviced every two years to ensure optimum performance and eliminate major repairs.

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