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A complete range of tyre services

At LVS Garage Services in Livingston, we stock in excess of 250 tyres and can supply all the major brands along with a very good budget range of tyre.


We use 4 different suppliers who deliver to us twice daily. In the event we don’t have the tyre you require in stock, we can normally locate and fit the tyre on the same day for your convenience


All prices we quote include fitting, wheel balancing, new valve, disposal costs and VAT.

Tread wear and tread depth

Your tyres will wear around 1mm of tread for every 1500-4000 miles, depending on your driving style, road conditions and the compound of the tyre. As your tyres wear, the wet weather performance starts to deteriorate. Worn tyres can double your car's wet weather braking distance.


Another compelling reason to be vigilant with your tyres is the Traffic Policeman. Under current UK law, you can be prosecuted for each tyre below the 1.6mm UK Limit (1mm for motorcycles). Current penalties include up to a £2500 fine and 3 driving licence penalty points per tyre.


This means that if all your tyres are worn below the UK limit, you could be facing a 12-point penalty and a driving ban. From a safety perspective and to ensure there is no risk of a fine and penalty points, we recommend changing your tyres at 3mm.

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For a tread wear and tread depth health check, call us on 01506 433 577


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